Tesla Model X

Whilst Volkswagen seemingly falls apart, thanks to its dodgy emissions and lack of concern for the environment, Tesla has stepped up to the plate to show the naughty manufacturers of the motor industry how it’s done.

Elon Musk has unveiled the latest addition to the Tesla family and it comes in the form of the SUV, though you cant really tell just from looking at it. If you know anything at all about Tesla you will undoubtedly assume that the new model is powered by nothing but electricity, yet it some how manages to achieve performance levels that you would expect from a petrol fueled car, for that is what Tesla do. This Tesla is a little different however, obviously for the reason that it is an all wheel drive SUV, but also thanks to it’s crazy doors, called “falcon doors” which make the car look like a facelifted Delorean. We aren’t really sure about the doors and whether or not they will prove to be more annoying than anything. All pics and vids so far only show the benifits, though we imagine there maybe some issues if the Tesla X is parked tightly in between two larger vehicles like a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso and a Fiat Sedici.


The “Falcon Doors” are only found in the back, so the front doors are normal. The picture above shows you just how tight you can be whilst still using the falcon doors, though again we’d like to see it done with some larger cars. One thing that Tesla has against them is how niche the vehicle is, and if you don’t live near a specialist Tesla garage it would be hard to get the car service etc. For example I doubt that I would be able to swing by the Cannock Service and MOT garage and have my Tesla Model X repaired.