Favourite Cars

So being as this is my blog about my views and my cars, I thought that I would take the time to share with you some of my favourites! I’m not going to be boring and just punt for the fastest and most expensive models however, I am mixing it up with a few of my favourite cars that you see on everyday roads (if you regularly come across Aston Martin Vanquishes, drive alongside Bugatti Veryrons or wave to drivers of Ferraris, then you live in a better place than I do!).

Chevrolet Camaro


The Chevrolet Camaro is probably one that you won’t see too often on British roads in all fairness, but I had to include it because it is one of my all time favourite automobiles! It looks unbelievable, pure American muscle at its brilliant best. I have been fortunate to drive one or two of them in my time and let me tell you they are comfier than the average living room sofa! What is more the engine roars at a breath-taking volume and really gives you that feeling of owning the road. Anyone who has enough money I would certainly recommend considering one, and if you are there is more information on chevroletsparkcars.co.uk.

Ford Focus


A much more common site on UK streets, the Ford Focus is a classic piece of engineering and one of my favourite reasonably-priced vehicles. It looks sleek and performs really well on the road. What is best about the Focus is its reliability and in particular its versatility – it is a car that suits anybody. Whether you are a young single person or a devoted family man, you’ll look the part in a Focus. You won’t have to worry about high fueling and MOT and servicing costs either.

Mercedes A-Class


I had never really been a huge fan of Mercedes until they redesigned the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, which may come as a big shock to many of you! Especially considering that it is one of their cheapest models. However, a little like the Focus, I really think that the A-Class looks superb. Its predecessor was a pretty hideous model, and I have always been of the opinion that other Mercedes vehicles are too executive for my liking. The new model is a car which can suit anybody’s tastes though which really appeals to me. A cracking little car which performs well too.

Next time I do one of these posts I think it will be about classic cars, because I absolutely love them, and am in the market to get myself one, so if you have one let me know and I might just buy your classic car!