4,000 VW group cars for sale withdrawn in the UK

In the latest turn of the emissions scandal Volkswagen have withdrawn 4,000 cars that were on the market for sale. It would appear that even the SEAT Toledo isn’t safe! It probably goes without saying that they have been suspended because they were infected with the software that has been all over the news for the last couple of weeks. The cars that are affected are all those that use the EU5 engines which have been used throughout the VW Group marques:

  • VW passenger cars – 508,276
    • Audi – 393,450
    • SEAT – 76,773
    • Skoda – 131,569
    • VW commercial vehicles – 79,838

The above numbers are limited to the UK and add up to a grand total of 1,189,906. If you are worrying about a car you own and whether or not it is affected, Volkswagen are still working out exactly which models are involved and once this is established they will be getting in touch with the registered owners.

I have a diesel Audi RS3 and the inconvenience of a recall would really get my goat. Whether or not you will legally have to participate with the recall by law is currently unclear, so many may see the update as a waste of time if it isn’t going to better the performance of the cars. If it is a case that the service procedure will reduce the emissions produced by the car then it would be worth it, though it begs the question why wasn’t that technology used in the first place. Cars outside the Volkswagen group include a BMW X3 model and though the rest of the BMW X series including BMW X1 don’t seem to be involved. This is surprising seeing as BMW came out and categor